guests at 60th gala

PHHP celebrates 60 years

In January 1958, the college opened as the first college of health professions located within an academic health center. The model was soon recognized nationwide and within 15 years, 70 similar schools of health professions had been established. The college logged numerous other “firsts” in education, research and service at the state, regional, national and international levels.

The college is now home to 20 degree programs, more than 2,300 students and more than 300 faculty and staff members across eight departments.

PHHP historical marker

Founding Dean Darrel J. Mase

“If we can harness our resources to walk in space and reach the moon, we can also provide the needed manpower to serve all the people with quality health services.”

Founding OT Chair Alice Jantzen

“Through research, treatment programs will stand on firmer ground and the design for our educational programs will be in much clearer outline.”