Kay Walker and Claudette FinleyDr. Kay Walker & Ms. Claudette Finley
Professor Emerita and former Chair, Occupational Therapy &
Associate Professor Emerita, Physical Therapy

Early years of Occupational and Physical Therapy  16:14

Cynthia BelarDr. Cynthia Belar
Professor Emerita, Clinical and Health Psychology

Seeds of Clinical Health Psychology 9:33

Peter LangDr. Peter Lang
Graduate Research Professor, Clinical and Health Psychology

Changes in psychology and studies of emotion  10:00

Joseph KemkerDr. Joseph Kemker
Professor Emeritus, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Beginnings: Cochlear implants & universal hearing screenings  2:03

Alice HolmesDr. Alice Holmes
Professor Emerita, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Early audiology contributions and changes for women 2:33

Audiology service mission in Yucatan, Mexico 1:23

John LednickyDr. John Lednicky
Research Professor, Environmental and Global Health

Virus discovery 0:51

Lusine YaghjyanDr. Lusine Yaghjyan
Assistant Professor, Epidemiology

Breast cancer risk study 0:31

Ira Longini, Ph. D.Dr. Ira Longini
Professor, Biostatistics

Controlling infectious diseases, Ebola and Zika 4:31